Silver Stix



Silver Stix will nurture self-esteem and confidence through a diverse array of safe, structured activities. In addition to helping children develop existing talents and explore new interests, we strive to improve each child’s level of confidence and instill a positive self-image through lacrosse. Children will learn fundamental lacrosse skills, as well as good sportsmanship and teamwork. Our seasoned teams of coaches are committed to developing your child’s athletic abilities while emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship and most importantly HAVING FUN!

Lil Stix

 (4yrs – 6yrs)

The Stix program is specially designed to introduce structure, rules, and discipline of lacrosse through fun games and interaction with activities that will keep your child focused.
In the early stage of learning the game of lacrosse, the main goal for the kids is to have enjoyable experience and learn the basics without the kids actually knowing they are learning; like hand-eye coordination, without the feeling of being “trained” or instructed to achieve a certain level of skill.

Big Stix

 (7yrs – 10yrs)

“Desire to play” Stage

  • The major objective of this stage is to develop physical literacy and basic skills within children, through lacrosse participation.
  • Without speed, agility, balance and co-ordination, as well as the ability to run, jump, throw, catch, and control the body (sensory awareness), children will not only be incomplete as lacrosse players, but will also not have the confidence or competence to take part in many sporting activities.
  • The skills will be delivered through programs centered on game based FUN (Foundation, Understanding, and Nurturing) activities, with 100% involvement at all times.

What we will do


  • Provide fun and enjoyable activity
  • Provide well organized and planned practices and games
  • Provide stimulating activities that promote fundamental skills and development
  • Communicate appropriately with children

Silver Stix Policies


No spaces in any class are guaranteed without full payment

All Registrations are on a first-come, first served basis.

Annual Registration Fee ($18/year) are required for all participants (non-refundable).

Registrations continue to be accepted after sessions begin at a pro-rated class rate.


In order to qualify for a make-up class, customers must let us know in advance when their child will be absent.

Make-ups are done on a space available basis.

We do not offer refunds for classes missed!

Make-ups do not carry over into the next session, unless we do not offer a second class in the same season.


Customers may transfer their child to another class at any point in the session.

All class transfers depend upon space availability.


All first time trial classes are free of charge.

Trial classes are offered on a space available basis.

One free trial class per child.


Only 1 discount per child


Defined as children that reside in the same household and are under the care of the same parent/guardian.

The sibling discount is 10% off class fees for each child after the first child who are enrolled in the same session.


Defined by a child who is enrolled in more than one class session per week.

The participant will pay a $10 second class fee.

NOTE: Special group pricing and scheduling is available. Any interested group should be referred to the Silver Stix’s coordinator.

For more information regarding our Silver Stix program, please call us at (678-714-7454) or email