Silverbacks 7v7 Adult Leagues

Silverbacks Park offers well organized and competitive adult soccer leagues for men and women.  League play occurs year round in 9 game seasons. We offer Co-Ed, Men’s Open, Men’s Over 30, Men’s Over 40, and Men’s Over 50 leagues, including all skill levels from recreational to highly competitive.

The Park boast a professional quality faclity and the luxury of an on site bar and restaraunt! 

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    • What leagues could I play in? We have. . . Co-Ed: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays | Men’s Open: Mondays and Wednesdays | Men’s Over 30: Thursdays | Men’s Over 40: Mondays | Men’s Over 50: Thursdays
      • Do I have to wear shinguards? They are reccomended but not required. Sooooo nobody wears them, haha
      • How much is it to play in the leagues? The amount varies because the team total is usually divided evenly among the players. The more players on the team  (max 14 players) the less it is for each player. Your team’s captian should inform you on how much you owe each season.
      • How do the leagues work? The leagues run in 9-game seasons. That is 7 regular season games, a semi-final, and a final (if your team makes it). If your team is not in playoffs you will still play your last two games in order to avoid relegation to a lower division.
      • How do the games work? The games are 24 min. halves with a 2 min. halftime. There are refs running the games and we play on full size goals.
      • How do I see my teams schedule? To see your full season schedule you will need to make an account on DASH, then be added to your teams roster by our league commissioner or your team’s captian. Once you are added to the roster you can see the full season schedule, standings for your division, make payments online, and more.
  • How do I start a team? Use the “New Team” button above to inquire about adding a team to one of our legues.
  • What does it mean to be captian of a Silverback’s Park adult league team? This means you will be the point of contact between Silverbacks Park and your team. You will make sure your team is up to date on payments and let us know if your team needs to reschedule a game. Plus, captians get the most playing time(;
  • Do teams have to wear jerseys? As of right now, no. But your team must all be in the same color and it must be different than the opposing team. Captians should tell the league commissioner their teams color at the begining of the season. In the case of both teams having the same color, the AWAY team is required to change.
  • Can I register a team and not be the captian of it? Yes, you can register a team with the button above and change the captian at any time.
  • How do I know if a game is canceled due to weather? The best and quickest way to check on weather delays/cancelations is the weather hotline. (678) 608-0651 Call it at anytime for the current game status. Another way to get weather updates is through email. Game cancelations will be emailed to all players affected (if you are in the DASH system).
  • Can I captian more than one team? Yes, you can run as many teams as you like!
  • What is DASH? DASH is the program our leagues live on. This is where you make online payments, see your season schedule, keep up with standings, and more. You will be prompted to make an account when you join/make a team. Once you have a log in and have been added to a roster by our league commisioner or your team’s captian you will have access to all DASH has to offer!
  • How do I know what time my game is? It’s in DASH
  • How do I know what field I am playig on? DASH
  • How do I see how much I owe or pay online? DASH
  • Can I get alerts about my games through email or text? Yes, with DASH
  • How can I get a parking pass? Still DASH. . . but you could also come into the league office to get one(: It’s $90 for the year.
  • How can I apply to ref at Silverbacks Park? Easy, just use the “New Referee” button above and you will be contacted about pay, hours, and protocols.
  • Is refing at the park the same as a regular game? No, there are some different rules in 7v7 and depending on the league. It will all be explained before you ref your first game.
  • Do I have to certified to ref at Silverbacks Park? No, while certifications could mean higher starting pay it is not required. And uncertified refs have opportunity for raises based on reliablity and performance.
  • What do I need to ref at the park? A whistle, cards, confidence and a sense of humor (the last one is very important).

Silverbacks Park Leagues:



Monday Men's Open

Monday Co-Ed

Monday Men's Over 40

Tuesday Co-Ed

Wednesday Men's Open

Thursday Men's Over 30

Thursday Co-Ed

Thursday Men's Over 50

Saturday Co-Ed

Reg. deadline










Start Date










# of Divisions










League Information & Required Equipment:


9 Games Per Season

Age 18 and above

All players must have a DASH account

Up to 14 players on the Roster

All Games: Two 24 minute halves

Championship winning teams receive 2 free pitchers of beer, 20 wings (any flavor) and your choice of championship tee shirts or $100 off the next season.

Shin guards are not mandatory at Silverbacks Park at this time. However, anyone electing against the use of shin guards assumes the risk associated with not wearing them.

Players must have matching colored shirts or jerseys

Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from all other players and referee.

We do not provide pinnies or other equipment

No Jewelry (possible exceptions must be approved through league manager)

League Costs:


TEAM COST :   $899

Each team must have a minimum of 9 players on the roster; maximum of 14 players on the roster.

For more information, please contact:

(404) 410-7410


Silverbacks Park

3200 Atlanta Silverbacks Way Atlanta, GA 30340

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