Silverbacks Park Rules


The following are PROHIBITED at the facility:

Illegal drugs

Firearms and/or concealed weapons

Animals of any kind (other than service animals)

Bicycles, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades

Grills, barbeques or anything involving flames or fire are PROHIBITED at the facility.

Tobacco use is PROHIBITED at the facility, except in certain designated areas.*

Alcohol may be served at the facility only by approved facility vendors and only in certain designated areas.*

The consumption of alcohol is PROHIBITED at the facility, except in certain designated areas and by persons 21 years of age or older. No person under the influence of alcohol, as determined by facility staff, in their sole and absolute discretion, may use the facility for athletic play or training.*

Outside alcohol is PROHIBITED.

Glass bottles and containers are PROHIBITED at the facility.

Turf Fields

The following are PROHIBITED on the turf fields:

Food, including sunflower seeds, peanuts, fruit, etc

Chewing gum

Sports drinks, soda, coffee or any beverages other than water

Metal cleats or other sharp objects that could penetrate or damage synthetic fields

Unauthorized vehicles



Climbing or jumping fences or netting, or defacing netting or fences, to gain entry/exit to the facility or to retrieve lost balls is PROHIBITED.

Players and coaches must clear the turf fields immediately following their scheduled usage and clean up and throw away any trash left on the fields.

Goals, nets, flags and/or benches may only be moved by facility staff.

Stakes, nails, corner flags and poles may not be driven into the ground to hold up tents, team flags, portable goals, etc. All tents must be free standing, using sandbags or water barrels to secure tents unless otherwise approved by facility staff.


Any use of the facility must be approved in advance by Silverbacks Park. No unscheduled play, free play, or non-approved play is permitted.

Fighting, cursing, loitering and any other behaviors deemed inappropriate by facility staff, in their sole and absolute discretion, are prohibited and are grounds for removal from the facility, or possible arrest.

All sponsors, vendors, posting of signs and banners and/or flyer distribution must be approved in advance in writing by Atlanta Silverbacks Park.

The sale or sampling of any items (food, drink, merchandise, etc.) is PROHIBITED unless approved in advance by Atlanta Silverbacks Park, or except as may be otherwise specifically permitted in the License Agreement.

Parking for the facility is permitted only in certain designated areas. Anyone parking in areas other than designated areas may be ticketed and/or towed.

All persons using the facility must abide by any lightning warning system. No play will be allowed on turf fields in the event of severe weather or lightning.

In case of any emergency, call 911.


Silverbacks Park

3200 Atlanta Silverbacks Way Atlanta, GA 30340