Rules & Regulations

Atlanta Silverbacks Park soccer league rules follow FIFA Laws of the Game, with the exceptions of the following in-house league rule modifications:

Field: 7v7 field size is modified to 70 X 50 yards (sideline to sideline of a full field).

Number of Games: All seasons are nine (9) games scheduled in nine (9) weeks, unless otherwise stated in the league format.

Playoffs: When possible, divisions will be comprised of 8 teams to accommodate a two-week playoff tournament at the end of the regular 7 week season. Playoffs will include all 8 teams in the division. The regular season standings will determine team seeding for the tournament. The top 4 teams will compete for the Championship in single elimination with a 3rd place game played by the Semifinal losers and Finals played by the semi final winners.  The bottom half of the league will play for points like the rest of the season and the two teams with the lowest points will move down a division and be replaced by the top two teams from the division below.   The tournament bracket outline is as follows: 

Playoff Week 1: Playoff Week 2:
Game 1: Top Bracket, Seed 1 vs. Seed 4 Champ Game: Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2
Game 2: Top Bracket: Seed 2 vs. Seed 3 3rd and 4th place: Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2
Game 3: Bottom Bracket: Seed 5 vs. Seed 8 5th and 6th place: Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4
Game 4: Bottom Bracket: Seed 6 vs. Seed 7 7th and 8th place: Loser Game 3 vs. Loser Game 4

**Tournament results will not affect the regular season league standings, however playoffs are used for promotion/relegation (see the Promotion/Relegation Rules below).



Game Duration: Silverbacks 7s games consist of two 24-minute halves, plus a 2 minute halftime. Duration of halves or half time may vary to keep subsequent start times on schedule.  If a game is not started on time as a result of a team or player(s) running late, minutes will be deducted from game clock.

Weather Delays or Cancellations: Whenever possible, games will be played, rain or shine, hot or cold. In the event of extreme weather including lightning, high winds, or flooding, games will be delayed or canceled.  Players may call the Park Weather Hotline at 678-608-0651 for updated information.

If a game in progress is cancelled due to weather, the game will be considered a completed match if at least one half of time has been played. If one half has not been played in full, the game will be rescheduled and start with the remaining time and score from when the match was called.

Forfeits: If a team does not show for their game, the result will be a 3-0 loss on the team’s record. The team that shows may still use the field for their game duration. A minimum of 5 players must be present to start a game and avoid forfeit.  A team will automatically forfeit if they do not have the minimum number of players. 

If there are not enough players at the scheduled kick off time, the team has up to 10 minutes to wait for more players to show. If after those 10 minutes a team still cannot be formed, the opponent may decide to earn the forfeit win 3-0, or wait until more players show. As stated in the Game Duration section, the game will end on time. Both team captains and the referee must agree that the match will take place if 10 minutes have passed.

Game Rescheduling: Atlanta Silverbacks Park will attempt to fulfill requests for a game reschedule so long as we receive notice at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled date and the change does not adversely affect other teams or the league schedule. Once the request is received, as long as the other team agrees to the newly proposed date and time, the game can be rescheduled. Should the opposing team not agree to the change, the game will remain scheduled at the original day and time. To reschedule a game, please email 




Rosters: Team managers are responsible for roster management and have the ability to request players to join their team, and drop players from their roster through the DASH software. All players must join their team roster through the DASH software. For questions/assistance with roster management, please email

Minimum and Maximum # of Players on a Roster: Minimum 8 Players / Maximum 14 Players.

Rosters should be complete by the first game of the season with the minimum 8 players. If the roster has only 10 players by the second game, then the additional 4 players may be added up to the start of third game. At start of third game, the roster is locked through remainder of season and tournament (where applicable). In the event a player is injured during the season, that player may be replaced by a new player at any time throughout the season.

Picking Up of Non-Roster Players by Teams: In order to count as an official game teams must start with 5 players. Four of these 5 must be on the team roster. 

Non-roster players may be picked up by a team that cannot fill a full side. Non-roster players may not be used if your team has 8 or more roster players available. If non-roster players are picked up, the team can only add players up to the number of players on the opposing team. In coed games a non-roster player may be picked up if your team has more than 8 players only if the make up of those 8 players does not allow you to field 4 males or 3 females at any given point in time.

O-40 Age Rules: Over-40 teams may carry a maximum of three (3) players under the age of forty; one of these three players must already be 39 by first game date of season, two others must be at least 38 by first game date of season. All players must be able to present ID with age verification upon request by the referee or staff. If the player does not have ID upon request they will not be allowed to participate.

  • 2 players 38 or older
  • 1 player 39 or older
  • Rest of roster 40 or older

The team captain may request, at any time, for the referee to check the ID of an opposing player. Teams are encouraged to bring their ID’s for all games.

If a team requests to check a players ID after the match is complete, the game will count as an official game even if a player that has participated in the match has played in the match.

Consistent infringement of age rules by a squad may result in being kicked out of that age specific league.

Coed Rules:

Three (3) females are required in field of play at all times in a COED division of play. The goalkeeper may count as one of these three. In the event three females are not available for a team at any given time of match, the team may play less that player position, as long as there is the required minimum of two (2) roster females available and as long as total number of players for a team does not drop below the required minimum of 5 total players for game to continue (5 to start, 5 to finish).

Five (5) players are required for each team for a match to start and finish. In a COED division, two (2) of the minimum five must be female. If ever the female number for a team is one or zero, then if at start of match, the game will be awarded as a forfeit victory to opposing team. If during play, then referee may continue game if it appears the female player(s) will return to match before its completion. The female player spot(s) may not be filled by a male player. If female player(s) return does not occur, then forfeit victory will be awarded to opposing team, even in the instance of the short-sided team having more goals at the time.

In a coed match, if either a female or a male receives a red card, the remaining 6 players on the field cannot exceed 4 males.

Substitutions: Players may substitute on dead ball situations once acknowledged by referee. This includes kick offs, goal kicks, corner kicks, injuries, mandatory yellow card substitutions or at referees discretion. Substitutions on throw-ins are only permitted for teams in possession of throw-in. 





  • WINS = 3 points
  • TIES = 1 points
  • LOSSES = 0 point 

Tie-Breakers: In the event of a tie in the standings, the tie-breaker for final league standings are followed in this order:

  1. Goal differential
  2. Wins
  3. Goals for

Promotion/Relegation:  In a division of 6 or 10 teams, the top two teams with the most number of points and the bottom two teams with the least number of points after the regular 9 week season will be promoted and relegated. In the event of a tie, see the tie-breaker rule above.

In a division with a playoff bracket (division of 8 teams), the two teams that will be promoted are the winner of the regular season (most number of points), and the winner of the top playoff bracket. If a team wins both the regular season and the playoff, the team who places second in the regular season will be promoted. The two teams that relegate are the 7th and 8th place teams after the playoffs. 

*ASP reserves the right to place teams in appropriate divisions based on skill level. 

Coed Rules:

In all COED games, female non-PK goals scored are awarded 2 goals. If a female scores an own goal, the opposing team is awarded only one point. On a penalty kick, if a male is fouled which results in a PK, the team does not get two goals for having a girl shoot and score the PK. It will be counted as one goal. If a girl is fouled which results in a PK, a girl scoring that PK would be worth 2 goals. A female must be a part in both to be awarded the two goals. A hand ball (committed by a male or female) PK that results in a goal is awarded 1 goal (scored by a male or female).

A goal that is scored by a female that is headed toward the goal and gets deflected by the opposing team will be scored as two goals. If a female kicks the ball and it is not headed toward the goal and gets deflected into the goal by the opposing team the goal will be awarded only one point. In order for a goal to be counted as two points, it must be intentionally played by a female on the attacking team. If the ball that is kicked by a male is deflected off a female offensive player with no intent to play the ball, the goal will only count as one point. The referee has the final decision to decide if a team is awarded two points or one point.



Jerseys: Teams must wear like jerseys, preferably with numbers (number policy relaxed, but encouraged) and have a second back-up color in case of a conflict. Team listed as VISITOR on game schedule is responsible to change colors. ASP does not provide training bibs, pinnies or alternative colors. Please make sure that Silverbacks 7s management knows your team color by emailing with your team name, home jersey color and away jersey color or if your team changes jersey color so that we can update this information in DASH.

Shin Guards: Shin guards are highly recommended but optional and all players participate at their own risk.

Footwear: Players may play in flats, turfs, or molded plastic or rubber cleats (NO screw-in studs or metal cleats).

NO JEWELRY allowed except flat wedding bands and medical/alert bracelet, necklace, anklet.

Casts: No hard casts allowed in games.

Hats: No caps with bills on field players (keeper may wear a referee approved head covering if desired, like bandana or ball cap).

Match Soccer Balls: ASP provides match balls.





Players are subject to cautions and send offs according FIFA’s Law 12.

Yellow Cards: Players who are issued a caution (yellow card) must sit out for two minutes before re-entering the match. This player may be replaced by a substitute while exiting the field. A goalkeeper who is issued a yellow card must be replaced by either a field player or substitute, but may re enter the field after his/her 2 minute suspension. If no substitution is available, the team must play short a player for 2 minutes. All yellow cards will be reported to League Mgt and tracked. Once a player has accumulated 5 yellow cards in a season, said player will be suspended for one game. 

Red Cards: Players who are issued a send-off (red card) must leave the field of play immediately and may not return to the field of play for the remainder of that match nor participate in any other league games that same day. The team must play one less player for the remainder of that match. A goalkeeper who is issued a red card is also subject to this same rule. The suspension carries over to the next game and the player may not participate in his/her next scheduled game. If a player accumulates 3 red cards in a single season, the player will be suspended for 3 games in addition to the game in which he/she was sent off.

Consistent infringement or a serious incident(s) committed by a player or team may result in a longer suspension or expulsion from Silverbacks 7s leagues or Atlanta Silverbacks Park permanently. 

Slide Tackle Rule:  Slide tackles are allowed in non-age specific (open) leagues and same gender leagues (men’s or women’s).  Slide tackles are NOT Allowed in Over-30, Over-40 (age specific) or Coed leagues. 

**An illegal slide tackle in an age specific or coed league is when the slide is engaging an opponent or close to a “50/50” ball. A slide of the ball not directly involving an opponent (for example – sliding a free ball to keep it in bounds, sliding a free ball into the goal), are not slide-tackles and are allowed.

Slide tackles in age specific or coed leagues will result in a direct free kick.

Play-on advantage may be awarded by the referee in the instance of a failed attempted slide tackle or foul. 

Goalkeeper sliding: The goalkeeper is allowed to slide in all leagues. The slide must be legal and may only be towards an opponent who is controlling the ball or in a “50/50” play area of an opponent. Any illegal slide tackle will be handled in standard fashion and may result in a send off if the foul denies a goal scoring opportunity.

Profane Language: Violent and/or abusive language is not tolerated at Atlanta Silverbacks Park or in Silverbacks 7s Leagues. Players threatening violence or using abusive language toward anybody (players, referees, staff or guests) are subject to automatic cautions or send offs for repeat offense. Consistent infringement may result in suspensions or more severe punishment. 

Automatic 3 Game Suspension Policy: Any player who is guilty of striking, punching, slapping, spitting, intentionally kicking, or any other violent or intentional act (even if it is reactive), will be issued an automatic three game suspension, no questions asked. Referee reports will be given to ASP Management following each game. Suspended players will receive no refunds for suspensions.

Fighting Policy: Fighting and aggressive behavior from teams, players, and fans is a very serious offense at Atlanta Silverbacks Park.

Should a player be involved in a fight or serious incident they will be held to the following:

  • 1st Violation – suspension from all Atlanta Silverbacks Park leagues for the remainder of the current season and the entirety of the following season with no refunds.
  • 2nd Violation – a one year suspension from all Atlanta Silverbacks Park leagues with no refunds.
  • 3rd Violation – permanent ban from all Atlanta Silverbacks Park leagues.

Teams that are involved in two incidents in the same season will be suspended for the remainder of the season with no refunds. All games will be forfeited and the team will be relegated one division the following season should they decide to return. Teams that are suspended for a second time will not be allowed to return under the same team name or same manager.

Fans causing problems will be escorted off the premises immediately and be refused entry to Atlanta Silverbacks Park in the future.

All other disputes, fights, incidents etc. can be reviewed by the League and are punishable at the League’s discretion depending on the situation. All decisions are final and non-disputable. 





HOME team listed on schedule will kick off first half; AWAY team kicks off second half.

7v7 – Goalkeepers may throw, roll or kick the ball from the ground.  Goalkeepers cannot punt, drop kick or volley the ball from possession.  There are no limits on distance of a ball played by the goalkeeper.

7v7 – Goalkeeper must release ball within referee’s 6-second count, or the referee can award an indirect kick to opposing team at top-center of 10 yard box for delay of game and/or unsportsmanlike conduct.

7v7 – Players must be 5 yards from the spot of a free kick anywhere on field, and outside of 10-yard box on a PK.  If a player interferes with a restart inside the 5 yard halo, a direct free kick will be awarded and the offending player will receive a yellow card.

7v7 – If an indirect free kick is called within 5 yards of the goal, the ball will be spotted 5 yards away from the goal line of where the infringement took place.

7v7 – NO Offside calls in 7v7 matches.

7v7 – Goal kicks may be taken anywhere inside the goal area.

7v7 – Goal may not be scored directly from kickoff, the kickoff is indirect (if another player touches it, the goal will count). Kickoff touch may be played forward or backwards.


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