Atlanta Silverbacks Suwanee Indoor is proud to announce that we are now offering futsal year round for our adult divisions, and for Academy/Select youth teams in the winter/summer! What is futsal you ask? It is a different version of the beautiful game that is played on a hard surface and with a ball that does not bounce as much as a regular soccer ball. The game is naturally played at a faster pace and in a confined space which challenges players to use their skills in a quick environment.


Differences between Soccer and Futsal:


Please note various house rules for Silverbacks Suwanee with asterisks below


*Games at Silverbacks Indoor will have a running clock

**Teams will not be allowed a time out

***Official rules allow a 4 second max for a restart, however we will allow a 5 second restart for consistency across all of our leagues

****A substitute after a red card has been given may come in after a 5 minute penalty

The three line rule will not be applied for futsal games.

All Futsal leagues will abide by our standard indoor rules as well as the rules above.

Need futsal gear? Visit Soccer Locker off of Pleasant Hill Road!


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