Most of our players don’t know all the capabilities of our league app, Dash, and even more don’t even know it exist. If you have ever wondered: What time is our game two weeks from now or are we in first or last place right now? YOU NEED DASH! And this article will help you use it!

What is Dash?
Dash is an app and website that we use for scheduling leagues, taking payments, assigning referees and so much more. Dash is the central system for all things leagues and because of it’s capabilities it can also be the central system for all things teams!

How to use Dash as a Captain 
Captains can use Dash to make a roster, divide payments, track the standings, receive reminders and more! One of the biggest benefits of Dash for a captian is the capability to build your roster and use that roster to assign payments. To build your roster you will just need the email address and phone numbers for each of your members or if they are already signed up in Dash you can simply add them to your team. Once they are added you can assign an amount to your teammates so they make their payment each season. Keeping your roster updated will also help you as a captain because your members can use their accounts to see the schedule instead of asking you each week(;

How to Use Dash as a Player
Players have similar options as captains with some small differences. Players can use Dash to make payments, see schedules, track standings, and receive reminders. If you want to make sure you can make all the games for the season use Dash to see the schedule for the whole season at a glance! If it’s pay to play week and you’re running late to the game you can make your payment online! If you play on multiple teams and you cant keep your schedules straight, don’t worry, Dash will send you an email reminder a couple days in advance with gamete, filed, and opponent!

How to I Sign Up?
Don’t think you’re signed up on Dash? Just use these simple steps to take care of it. Start with this link. Then follow these steps:

  1. At the home page, click the white “Create Account” button that is at the bottom, under the sign-in text boxes.
  2. Enter your email and click “Continue”
  3. On the next page, enter all of the information that is marked with a red arrow. Some of the information required is Name, Email, Phone Number, Location (Silverbacks Park), Address and Password. 
  4. Please note that NONE of this information is shared with any outside parties. Please answer truthfully to allow Silverbacks to contact you in the event of cancellations, schedule changes, emergencies, etc.
  5. After completing the form, click in the box stating that you are not a robot and then hit “Create.”
  6. You will now be brought to your accounts homepage where you can be added to a team by either the captain of a team, or Silverbacks Park staff. 
  7. If you already have a Dash account but cannot access it, notify Silverbacks Park Staff and they will send you a password reset email. They can also change your email for you if it has changed since you last logged in. Please refrain from creating a second account when possible.

And if you are a captain trying to build your team here is how to invite players that already have accounts:

  1. On the homepage of Dash, you should see a grey box highlighting each current team you are a captain of. At the bottom of the team, there should be a task bar that shows “RSVP, Message, Share, Invite, etc.”
  2. Click “Invite”
  3. There you can add the email addresses of all the players you want to invite to the roster. They will then be able to fill out their information and create a profile if they do not have one already. (Please have them fill out their name, email, phone number and add a picture of themselves).
  4. Hit “Send”


We hope this is helpful and if you want a little more insight on how to pay online click over to this article: How do I Use Dash to Pay Online?