Futsal Rules

Silverbacks Suwanee Indoor Futsal Rules

Green Field (8U)
1. Cannot score directly off kick ins or kickoff. (There’s always that one kid that can blast the ball and score off kick off).
2. No slide tackle. Only the goalkeeper can slide tackle (WITHIN THEIR OWN PENALTY AREA).
3. Goal kicks are replaced by goal clearance: keepers must use their hands to distribute the
ball. The ball cannot cross the halfway line without first touching the ground or a player.
4. 20 minute halves, 1 minute halftime.
5. 5v5.
6. Subs on the fly.
7. 4 seconds to put the ball into play. STRICTLY ENFORCED. (Free kicks, kick ins, so on. Once they put the ball down, start counting).
8. If the goalkeeper violates the 4 second rule (holding the ball too long), it is INDIRECT free kick on the penalty arc closest the where the infraction occurred.


Blue Court (Futsal)
1. 20 minutes halves, 1 minute halftime. TEAMS MUST SWITCH BENCHES AFTER HALFTIME. This ensures that when subs are made, subs enter the field on their teams half, not the opponent.
2. No slide tackle.
4. All restarts are 4 seconds, STRICTLY ENFORCED. (Once they put the ball on the ground, start counting).
5. Subs on the fly, subs must wait in the sub box. Their player must leave the field in order for the sub to enter the field of play.
6. Goal kicks are replaced by a goal clearance. The keeper has 4 seconds to throw the ball when ready to do so. The ball must exit the penalty area before it can be touched by a player. Otherwise, the goal clearance is retaken.
7. ONE COACH on the sideline.
8. Cannot score directly off a kick in OR kickoff.
9. Once a TEAM accumulates 6 fouls, they get to have a shootout style attempt with the goalkeeper. EVERY FOUL AFTER THAT ALSO SHOOT FROM 2nd PENALTY SPOT.

The foul count RESETS to 0 fouls at the end of the half. (Try really hard to keep track of this. If not, don’t worry too much. In youth games, you probably won’t get to this point and nobody else is going to keep track besides you, the referee).

10. The keeper can only receive ONE pass from a teammate until the ball crosses the halfway line.
11. Clock does not stop for any reason except SERIOUS INJURY. Examples: broken bones, head injury. Exception: IF the clock expires before a penalty kick has been taken, the penalty will still be taken.

Once a team commits 6 fouls, that free “kick” and all free “kicks” after that are taken here. The player taking the free “kick” canceither shoot or dribble or pass. (Basically a free 1v1 with the opposing keeper.

All other players, except the defending GK, must be behind the halfway line. They can cross the line once the ball moves.

12. Only the goalkeeper can slide tackle (WITHIN THEIR OWN PENALTY AREA).



1. If a player receives a caution, they stay on the court.
2. Red card situations
“A substitute may replace a sent-off player and enter the pitch after two minutes of playing time have elapsed since the sending-off, unless a goal is scored before the two minutes have elapsed, in which case the following conditions apply:
1. If there are five players against four and the team with the greater number of players scores a goal, the team with only four players may be completed with a fifth player.
2. If both teams are playing with three or four players and a goal is scored, both teams remain with the same number of players
3. If there are five players playing against three, or four against three, and the team with the greater number of players scores a goal, the team with three players may be increased by one player only.
4. If the team that scores the goal is the one with fewer players, the game continues without changing the number of players”- Futsal LOTG.

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