Inaugural Match: May 1st








Welcome to the Inaugural Silverbacks Cerveza Cup!

Soccer With A Cause

The first annual Silverbacks Cerveza Cup will be supporting Soccer in the Streets by donating 25% of the proceeds to their organization. Soccer in the Streets is a not-for-profit organization that works to develop young leaders so they can lead rich lives and cultivate healthy communities through sports-based youth development. Core to its mission is to drive forward social equity by providing better access to opportunity and overcome the barriers of privilege. Founded in 1989 in Atlanta, the organization reaches kids through soccer play, work-readiness training, hands-on experiential activities, and participation in youth leadership councils. Your participation helps a worthy cause. 

We are very excited to welcome all players to the 2021 Silverbacks Cerveza Cup! Before you register your team for this year’s competition we recommend you familiarize yourself with this guide and the rules document.

The Silverbacks Cerveza Cup will also be accompanied by a Brewfest! Bring your friends and family along for tastings, shopping, good food, and soccer! Keep an eye on the site and social because tickets will go on sale this month!  

We are excited to welcome you to Atlanta Silverbacks Park!

Registration Guide

  • Minimum players: 9
  • Maximum players: 14
  • Rosters will be complete with player names, ages, gender, and copies of drivers licenses
  • Team color chosen on a first come, first serve basis
  • Matching jerseys required
  • Registration Cost: Early Bird Special – $899 (November 1st – December 31st)
  • $999 after early bird special ends (January 1st – April 1st)
  • Full payment due upon registration
  • Card payment only


  • 25 min halves with a 5 min halftime
  • Games are 7v7 made up of 6 field players and 1 keeper a side
  • There are no tie breakers in group play
  • In final play there will be a 10 min (not golden goal) followed by a PK shootout if teams are still tied
  • If there is fighting or violent play the game will be called as is and reviewed by tournament directors before proceeding
  • One certified referee per game (two for semifinals and finals)
  • Unlimited substitutions. Players may substitute on dead ball situations once acknowledged by the referee.
  • Red cards result in the player being ejected from the current game and being unable to play in the following 2 matches 
  • A quality game ball with be provided, however an extra quality ball must be brought by each team to keep games flowing
  • Women are allowed in any division as long as their age corresponds
Field Players
  • No slide tackling in any league
  • Shin guards are recommended but not required
  • Field players must wear matching shirts 
  • No metal studs
  • No punting
  • Keepers must wear a different color than both teams and referee(s)
  • Shin Guards and gloves recommended but not required
  • No metal studs
  • All goals worth 1 (men and women)
  • At least 3 women on the field at any given time (if only two women present team must play a player down etc.)
  • In the event of inclement weather, teams will still be expected to adhere to park/game rules as posted
  • Only Silverbacks tournament directors can cancel matches in their entirety and such decisions will be communicated promptly
Points and Rankings
Win = 3 / Tie = 1 / Loss = 0

Goals recorded for goal differential

To determine rankings the following will be considered in order 

  1. Points: What team has the most points from group play
  2. Head to head: what was the result of the game between teams in question
  3. Goal differential: Goals for minus goals against. The team with higher differential will be ranked higher
  4. Least goals allowed: The teams with the least goals against will be ranked higher 
  5. Goals For: The team that has scored the most goals will be ranked higher
  • Teams will be allowed parking passes for a maximum of three cars. If a team brings more than three cars the additional vehicles will pay the parking fee on the day of the event
  • There will be satellite parking within walking distance and shuttle options for overflow, spectators, etc.

Team Registration

Please register your interest below. We will record you as the captain for your team, but you can change this at any point. Our team will reach out to you to collect player information, payment, and consent forms. We look forward to seeing you at the Inaugural Silverbacks Cerveza Cup!

Cerveza Cup Tournament

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