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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I decorate the party room?

 Of course! We provide 4 tables (two 6ft and two 8ft), you can decorate the room however you choose. We do ask for decorations that avoid holes in the walls, glitter, confetti and popcorn.

Can I bring any outside food?

Sorry, but we don’t allow any outside food in our facility, unless it’s the birthday cake and ice cream. We have a full-service restaurant in our facility with the choice of wings, burgers, phillies, and more!

What extended options are available?

Extra 30 minutes of field time – $80(if spot is available)

Extra hour of room time – $50

How Can I book a party?

Pleas contact us at 678-714-7454, or come in person and get started with your party contract. Birthday parties are treated as rentals and have to be paid in full upon booking.

What if I have more than 10 kids attending the party?

All parties are treated as rentals.  There will be no additional cost for the number of participants only for additional rental time and/or space needed.


What if some of my guests don’t show up?

– Parties/Events are treated as rentals. Please refer to our rental policy

How many pies of pizza should I order for my party?

– Please contact our resturaunt manager at Banana’s Wings & Sports for your catering needs.

How long does the party last?

Most parties range from 1 hr – 2hr.  This depends on field and room time rented.

What if the kids want to go back on the field after their party room time?

– Unfortunately, we cannot allow kids on the fields after their party room time. All activities are to be completed before the party room, which also includes any additional field time.

– For the safety of the kids, a coach from Silverbacks must be present at all times.

– Additionally, there may already be a party booked for that field.

The time slot for my child’s birthday party isn’t available online, what are my options?

If you don’t see a date or time available for your party, please call 678-714-7454. We may be able to work your time in the system, depending on the events already booked.

How do I know if my party is confirmed?

Our planner will call you within 24-48 hours after reviewing your online contract to confirm your order. Parties are never confirmed until payment is processed. There will also be an updated confirmation call on Friday, the weekend of your party, for any necessary updates.

If I have to cancel my party, what are the necessary options required?

– 14 days out (full refund)

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