Program Description


 (18mo ~ 5yrs)
The Kickers program is specially designed to introduce structure, rules, and discipline of soccer through fun games and interaction with activities that will keep your child focused.
In the early stage of learning the game of soccer, the main goal for the kids is to have enjoyable experience and learn the basics without the kids actually knowing they are learning; like feet coordination, without the feeling of being “trained” or instructed to achieve a certain level of skill.


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(Ages 5yrs – 9yrs)

Desire to play Stage

  • The major objective of this stage is to develop physical literacy and basic skills within children, through soccer participation.
  • Without speed, agility, balance and co-ordination, as well as the ability to run, jump, throw, kick, catch and control the body (sensory awareness), children will not only be incomplete as soccer players, but will also not have the confidence or competence to take part in many sporting activities.
  • The skills will be delivered through programs centered on game based FUN (Foundation, Understanding, and Nurturing) activities, with 100% involvement at all times.

What we will do

  • Provide fun and enjoyable activity
  • Provide well organized and planned practices and games
  • Provide stimulating activities that promote fundamental skills and development     
  • Communicate appropriately with children



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