Suwanee Indoor requires a player’s membership in order to participate in any of our adult leagues. Membership is separate from individual registration on a team.


At Suwanee Indoor, we strive to provide the best quality leagues, programs and facilities in the metro area. Membership cards are required to maintain team rosters, confirm that players have checked in for games, and confirm all players have signed a participation waiver. This allows for a fair process come playoff time on who has played for a team during the season. Scanning a membership card is a faster process to sign players in and get them onto the field quickly. We have also partnered with some local businesses to offer discounts for our league members, as well as provide some in house benefits.

Membership Card (or Player’s Card)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Player’s Card? The Player’s Card is a key tag card that all players are required to scan prior to each activity. After completion of a waiver and registering for membership, each player’s information and photo is entered into our system.
  2. What is the Player’s Card fee? The annual fee is $15 per player.
  3.  Who needs a Player’s Card? Players Cards are now required for all Adult Leagues, Youth Leagues, and camps. Activities that DO NOT require a Player’s Card are birthday parties and group rentals. Requiring all players to scan in before each game will help enforce roster regulations.
  4. When do I need my Player’s Card? Keep your player’s card with you each time you visit!
  5. What happens if I forget my card? Please treat your card as part of your equipment needed for your game. All players are required to scan in prior to each game.
  6. What happens if I lose my card? Suwanee Indoor will replace your membership card at no charge if you lose it or if it is damaged!

Thank you for choosing Suwanee Indoor!