Sports and Social Club Membership

Atlanta Silverbacks Park announces the launch of the Atlanta Silverbacks Sport & Social Club! In case you missed it, see our letter from the Chairman.

Sport & Social Club Membership Cost

Adults: $49.99 per year + Windshield Tag for Gate Entry: $5.00 (1 time fee per tag)

Both items are a required part of Membership

Membership Benefits & Discounts

$15 savings*
$49 rebate with 10 member players on roster
Member’s only rate
Member’s only rate
10% off
25% off
Free fountain drink with food puchase
Discounted Tickets for select games
$2 savings per visit to ASP**
To be announced

*Note: Suwanee Indoor Members recieve $15 off their Atlanta Silverbacks Park Membership.
**Parking entrance excludes Silverbacks Home Game Parking, Sundays and other special event parking.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I purchase Membership?  Membership can be purchased through MySam by clicking “Purchase Membership” near your profile information or on-site with ASP Staff during league play (Monday-Thursday 6:00pm-10:30pm). You may also call us at 404-920-4011 or email for additional questions or assistance.
  2. Will I be charged the $2 parking admission if I am not a member? Yes, entry Atlanta Silverbacks Park is $2 for non members. Members will recieve a windshield tag for automatic entry along with a membership Player’s Card which can be presented when signing up for programs and forother member benefits. 
  3. Is Membership optional? Yes, membership is optional for all players. Note non members will be subject to higher prices.
  4. What lane do drive through? Members stay to in the right lane (the gate will automatically open with your parking sticker), non members must stay in the middle lane to the pay station.
  5. Where do I put my parking sticker? Please place your parking sticker on the passenger side of your windshield. Upper or lower part will work fine, as long as it is not obstructed.
  6. What is the Player’s Card? The Player’s Card is a key tag card that all members will recieve. The key tag will allow staff to easily help you with your player profile and can be presented to redeem discounts/benefits, and also will grant automatic access to Suwanee Indoor!
  7. What is the Membership fee? The annual fee is $49.99 per player. There is also a $5.00 charge for your automatic windshield tag for gate entry to the facility, which is a 1 time fee per tag.
  8. What happens if I lose my Player’s Card or damage my windshield tag? The replacement cost is $5.00 each.
  9. How do I obtain my Player’s Card and windsheild tag? Staff on site during league play hours (6:00pm-10:30pm) Monday – Thursday, or, email with your mailing address to receive by mail.
  10. Can I just buy the parking pass? Membership and parking are included together as part of membership, they cannot be purchased separately.
  11. Will I be able to park for free during events? The Atlanta Silverbacks Professional team is separate from the membership program and parking fees will apply for game days and other events. Sundays are also not included with membership.
  12. When will my membership expire? Membership expires after 12 full months after the purchase date.
  13. How do I redeem my $49 team rebate? Have your team captain or representative apply for the rebate by emailing that your team has 10 member players. We will mail you your rebate check!

For questions, email or call 404-920-4011.