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Nikki11-18-157v7FemaleSeeking a goalkeeper or a good field player who's willing to play at least a couple-three games in goal this season. Tuesday night 7v7 coed. We have just been promoted from D5 to D4. Fun-loving team with excellent chemistry and only lost one game this prior season. Please reach out asap if you're interested!Request Details
Lemon Hansana11-18-157v7
35MaleJust moved to the Atlanta area and looking for a team to play with. Played U18, high school, college, and in a competitive adult league in North Carolina. Prefer the midfield or forward.Request Details
Wayne Ackerson11-17-157v749MaleJust played the current season and looking for another team. I'm a goalie, years of experience at every level up to college. Would prefer the Monday night 40-over league.Request Details
35MaleI have been in Atlanta for about 3 months and have been training with a couple of the ATL Silverback's players for about 10 weeks. Other than my training, I don't have any real time on the pitch. I am looking to join a team that is willing to work with a newer player, regardless of the division. I posted back in September but no luck so far.... Please contact me if you are interested 303-718-0420Request Details